Auditioning for NBC The Voice in Los Angeles or Seattle?

Auditioning for NBC The Voice in Los Angeles or Seattle?

For all the ones that are going to do audition for NBC The Voice in LA or Seattle next week, read this very carefully. We offer you the opportunity to get yourself some exposure for your work and here is how it works.

We are looking for auditioners who will make a little “Home Video” of the atmosphere at those auditions and put them on YouTube. You as an artist should be in there (not necessarily performing of course) and start your “Home Video” with “This is [your name] reporting for NBCTheVoiceFan.Com here at the auditions of LA/Seattle (whatever is appropriate)” and create a nice video of a couple of minutes. You end off the video with “If you want to know more about my music, click the link below this video.”

You then publish it on YouTube and let us know it is published. We then provide you with a link of the page where we publish your video on our site and you then put it in the description box of your YouTube video. On the page you are linking to, we will put a video of your choosing, where you perform one of your songs (and if your home video is cool or funny, we’ll put that there too!). Like this potentially hundreds of thousands of visitors to our site will be able to see you perform, which is great exposure for you and your art. We will never delete your video and you get a link to your website if you want to as well.

So in short:

Shoot a video of the atmosphere at the audition location (make sure from your video it is clear at which location you audition)

Start your video with introducing yourself and state you are reporting for NBCTheVoiceFan.Com

End your video with something like “Want to know more about me, click the link below and watch me perform” or something similar

Let us know where we can find your video as soon as you’ve uploaded it (use the contact form to reach us).

Let us know which video from yourself you want to have published on our site.

Receive our link and publish it in your YouTube video description box. When we’ve checked it is in there, you will go live on our site.

That’s all.

Get some great exposure for your art! It is FREE!!!

Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter! We are going to get some great things going in the coming months. Don’t miss out on those!

We want to kick-off with a guy that is going to do audition in LA next week and who sent us a message earlier. We love his voice, so here is his video. His name is Devan Blake Jones and he is from Aurora in Colorado. Enjoy his music. And remember, that could be your video next time…

Devan Blake Jones, I belong to You

The NBCTheVoiceFan.Com Team

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  1. Nephi says:

    I really don’t feel that Seattle has a chance for auditions. There are so many people trying to get their careers started in LA, but I would love to audition.

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