Contestants NBC The Voice

Contestants NBC The Voice

NBC The Voice April 26:

We are still missing some contestants

It is almost Tuesday April 26 and we nailed over 20 of the contestants on The Voice of NBC before the show actually starts airing. But of course we would like to know who the test of the contestants are and present you before the show with all 32 of the contestants. So we have a small list of people that we have the feeling might be a contestant. However, they might be involved in something else relating to the show. So we need your help.

If you check the below list of people and you are sure one of those people is on the show, let us know through the Contact form (or post a comment below) and tell us how you know they will be on the show. We can then add them to the list in the sidebar on the right and people will be able to vote for them too!

So below is the list:

Natalie Duffy

If you know about somebody else that is not on the list, please let us know too.


NBC The Voice starts April 26!


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58 Responsesto “Contestants NBC The Voice”

  1. Jamie says:

    Vote, Vote, Vote, for Lukas Rossi as your fav contestant!

  2. Laurens says:

    Dia Frampton is not yet in your list !

  3. V6Studios says:

    I support and love Lukas Rossi. His voice is to die for. He deserves this more than I can say! Love you Lukas! Good luck man!

  4. Diana Wolvington says:

    We ALL will unite to show Love to Lukas Rossi for ALL. that he has given to each and every one of us. Not ONLY an amazing VOICE but also an awesomely amazing human being. Your Rossi Soldiers are here for you and WILL NOT STOP until you get what you rightly deserve! Rossi Posse Unite!

  5. Suzanne says:

    Go Lukas! There is no other artist more deserving of world wide attention.

    Let’s blow this popsicle stand. ;)

  6. nbc the voice fan says:

    We have confirmation that Josh Johnson is a contestant on the show together with his wife Nicole. They call themselves Elenowen and you can check their website here Looks like they are on the April 26 show!

  7. RKM says:

    Lukas Rossi is not only an amazing artist with an incredible voice, he’s also one of the most down to Earth people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Someone asked where this wave of Rossi support came from? It came from every person who he’s touched, affected, and even saved with his music. His fans are beyond loyal, and the man himself leaves no question why. We’re here for ya Luke, let’s rock this joint!

  8. nbc the voice fan says:

    Can anyone confirm Steve Lovell is going to be a contestant? We just received a strong indication he is, but we’d like to get it confirmed!

  9. xxSYNNxx says:

    Like others have said before me Lukas Rossi is “The Voice”! The man has amazing talent that the world needs to hear! I’ve been following his career since I first seen him on RSSN [Rock Star Supernova, Editor] in 2006 and have been loving him and his music ever since! He not only sings but has an amazing talent when it comes to creating his own music!
    I have had the extreme pleasure to meet him on a number of occassions at his live performances and he truly knows how to connect with his fans on a real personal level and isn’t afraid to show his love and appreciation to his fans/friends…and he has the best damn hugs!! lol
    If you haven’t had the plesure to hear his music or get to know him you need to checkout his FB page and his website you won’t be disappointed!
    Rock ‘em dead Lukas!!
    One Love!!

  10. SaraT says:

    It’s because he is absolutely amazing!!!!

  11. SaraT says:

    Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi Lukas Rossi…

  12. nbc the voice fan says:

    Check out this video of probable NBC The Voice contestant Steve Lovell… We love him and here is a YouTube video…


    Enjoy the great voice of Steve!

  13. anonymous says:


    Good luck dia :)

  14. Vicki says:

    Check out Lukas Rossi. U will not be disappointed! He is original, daring, talented, fresh and has heart! Definitely a distinctive voice!

  15. Michelle Ford-Copley says:

    Lukas Rossi ALL the way! VOTEVOTEVOTE!!!

  16. Sandy says:

    I, too, have been following Lukas Rossi since I had seen him on SuperNova…he is so versatile and sexy! You’ve got my vote, Lukas!

  17. Vicci Fan says:


  18. Katherine says:

    Jared Blake!!!!!!!

  19. Cathy Lee says:

    Lukas Rossi -- I am watching the show “only” because he’s a contestant! Rock On LUKAS!

  20. Kelly S says:

    Keep on eye on Tim Mahoney -- c’mon! He is the number one, two and three reason I will watch every minute of this show. He is amazingly talented and you don’t want to miss him! Show the country what you’ve got Tim!

    • Shane says:

      After America hears Tim on Tuesday, it will become obvious what we as fans have already known for years. He can flat out sing! C’mon C’mon!

  21. Michelle says:

    Vicci Martinez has my vote!! we’ll be here cheering her on!

  22. JennH says:

    We need to see Vicci Martinez’s name to the right for votes please!!!

  23. Angie says:

    Lukas The Voice !!! Rossi Posse ?One Love?

  24. JARED BLAKE…is THE VOICE!!! Good luck!!!

  25. Shannen says:

    LUKAS ROSSI ALL THE WAY!!!! He is soooooo amazing!

  26. therockerchik says:

    Lukas should have had a record deal ages ago!youre amaxing lukas!!

  27. M White says:

    Tyler Sherritt is THE VOICE!!!! Good luck!

  28. Teddy says:
    Natalie Duffy was a contestant on the show!!! She tweeted that she was a contestant!! I’m a BIG YOUTUBE fan of her, she is incredible. .. here are her pages!!!! GO NAT!!!!!!!

  29. Debra Homeyer says:

    Michaela Homeyer is my daughter and she was a contestant on the show. She is getting some stuff on youtube and you can follow her on twitter!!!!

  30. Grace says:

    This is incredibly confusing… I don’t understand. They’re not sure who their contestants are?

    • nbc the voice fan says:

      I bet NBC knows who the contestants are, but we are not NBC… We are a fansite… So we knew a lot of contestants before the show was on tv yesterday, but not yet all…

  31. Missymoon says:

    Lukas Rossi
    Lukas Rossi
    Lukas Rossi
    Lukas Rossi

    Music to our ears, in every way.

  32. Diana Wolvington says:

    Standing behind our boy, Lukas Rossi, in every way! Go check out his music, his videos, his “Rossi Posse” at You won’t be sorry! He IS The VOICE! Much love to you, Lukas!

  33. Susan says:

    Waiting to see Lukas Rossi! No one can come close to his amazing talent.

  34. Elizabeth says:

    Natalie Duffy!

  35. Lori says:

    Where is Tyler Sherritt? We thought he would be on the show!

  36. Lex says:

    Vicci Martinez is gonna win it all!!!

  37. Starr says:

    The voice is the best!!!

  38. once.apon.a.time says:

    youdube ‘Meg & Dia’. Dia Frampton has so many songs!! i have been a fan for years. HAHA.

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