NBC The Voice and how it works

NBC The Voice and how it works

We have seen on many blog posts throughout the Internet that not everybody fully understands how works and what the format is. So we made a little video that explains exactly how it works. Below the video you will find the text of the video, so you have it on video and in text format. Enjoy watching.

Hi and welcome to NBC The Voice Fan.

With all auditions almost done and over with, we’d like to explain to you exactly how NBC’s talent show The Voice works, as we have seen several posts on blogs where the format of the program isn’t explained properly. Also, some people auditioning at the different locations in the country thought they were going to do a blind audition, however, the blind audition only happens when the show starts.

So here is how it works.

First of all, there will be 4 coaches (or judges if you prefer) that will be sitting with their backs to the singers in the first shows. If a coach likes what he hears, he pushes a button and the chair turns around till he sees the performer on stage. When a coach pushes this button, it also means the contestant is going to the next phase of the show. The contestant is also now under the wing of that coach. When more than 1 coach pushes the button, something interesting happens. In that case, the performer is allowed to choose his coach for the rest of the episodes to come. When an artist performs his song and there isn’t a single coach that pushes the button, the contestant has to leave the show. This also happened in Holland with several of the contestants. A few were getting a wild card later on, because the coaches didn’t have the same amount of contestants in their teams.

What happens next is that the coach is going to get the contestants specific training to prepare them for their participation in the rest of the show. This might be training to improve their voice or to improve their image or whatever training they think is necessary to really give the contestant a chance to become The Voice.

Then we come to the next stage of the show, which is called “The Battle.” The coaches couple 2 performers to each other and send them “into the ring,” like two boxers, and these two performers sing a duet. After that, all the coaches give their ratings and the coach of the artists then decides, after all this feedback, which of the two will go to the next round.

The next round is called “The Live Shows” in which the performers will perform live in front of an audience. Here is where the audience and you come into the picture. During and after the live show the general public can vote for the performers by sending SMS’s to a specific phone number. At this stage, the coaches all have about 6 contestants left in their teams and the 2 that get voted most by the public, are “safe”. Of the 4 that are left, 2 more get voted safe by the coach and the other two have to do a “sing-off” in which they both perform a song individually. One of those has to leave the show. In the next several shows this pattern repeats itself, until all coaches have 1 contestant left and those 4 will appear in the final. In the final, the coaches are not allowed to vote. The public will decide who is going to be the first “Voice of America.”

And as a last note, Carson Daly will be the host of the show, but we guess you already knew that.

We hope you get the picture of how the show is played out. Follow our blog so you’re updated with the latest facts and figures regularly. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter of course. For now, thanks for watching and hope you keep visiting our blog regularly.

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  1. This explains things much more thoroughly than anything we’ve heard before.
    Thanks, Voice Fan.

  2. Kaj says:

    You forgot that all four finalists will release a single a week before the final which is downloadable in iTunes and counts towards the final result. (Each download counts for two votes). (I’m from Holland).

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