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The Voice Episode 3, The Best of Battles with Vicci Martinez and Niki Dawson

The Voice Episode 3, The Best of Battles with Vicci Martinez and Niki Dawson




Believe it or not, I have a life (he he) so I am not always able to immediately write everything down for you guys. So sorry for the little delay. And I guess you can imagine I was more than eager to write down what you’re about to read, because right after watching the Battle between Vicci Martinez and Niki Dawson (they were singing Pink’s “Perfect”) I realized I had been watching something extraordinary. And I must say, I was happy I wasn’t in the big red shoes of , because whoever he would have chosen, in the end he would have always lost a great contestant.

Besides that, this was a Battle with lots and lots of chemistry. Kudos to both singers who were really working hard together to give the best of performances as a singing duo, not as two individuals trying to reach the Live Shows. Vicci Martinez and Niki Dawson, I loved you guys!!! You made me, the audience, the winner of this Battle as well. An artist is trying to create an effect in the audience and you both did that. This Battle simply had no losers, just winners.


Nikki Dawson on The Voice during her Battle

Niki, what a voice, what a drive! Unfortunately it looks like you are one of those contestants that leaves the show way to early. There were one or two of those contestants in The Netherlands as well, who could in fact have been amongst the last 4 in the competition. Sheer quality! Just check the name Sarina Voorn on YouTube. This girl left The Voice of Holland in the very early stages, but guess what, since then she has been singing with friggin Chaka Khan and was invited to become part of the band that tours with Chaka Khan and do backing vocals.

Anyway, it really sucks for Niki to have to leave the show, but this is definitely not going to be the end of her career. If I can hear the quality in her voice, then others can hear it too. And I have the idea Cee Lo wants to help her out further with her career. And that would be a wise thing to do, wouldn’t it?

And then Vicci Martinez. Holy crapperoni! (If you don’t know the word, that’s fine, this is just me being excited). Look, as an artist,  your main task is to communicate an emotion to your audience and Vicci Martinez is a war dancing Cheryl Cole look-a-like with balls that does just that! And during her performance I thought, (with all due respect) that if Cheryl Cole would have had the spirit of Vicci Martinez, Ashley Cole would’ve had some broken bones or would have been looking for his friggin… well, you know what he’d be looking for now, but let’s keep it decent here! :-)


Vicci Martinez: "A Cheryl Cole Look-a-like with Balls"

As far as I am concerned, this season of The Voice already gave us an epic moment. This Battle could have been a performance of two artists during an MTV Awards show, Oscar presentation or some other big show. This was absolute top entertainment and the best of the evening, hands down, mainly because you just perceived how much both ladies liked to do what they were doing. As Adam Levine also rightfully stated. And I don’t know if you noticed, but the ladies got a standing ovation of pretty much everybody in the hall.

Niki Dawson versus Vicci Martinez in Pictures

Niki Dawson, going to miss you! With this one performance you are forever in my mind as one of the best contestants of the first season of this show. You and Vicci showed how a Battle is done! This was a great moment in TV history, really. Years from now people will still be talking about this Battle. Hope you are going to make the right choices in your career and I hope we are going te be seeing and hearing a lot more from you. And recording something with Vicci wouldn’t be a bad idea, believe me. Again, you girls have great chemistry!

Vicci Martinez… hats off girl! I live for moments like this. I intensely enjoyed your performance and I am very happy we are going to see you back in the Live Shows. That’s going to be some great TV and I am really looking forward to it. Enjoy the Live Shows! And show us some more of this great stuff that’s coming from this little war dancing body of yours! And last but not least… On an evening like this, your dad would have been proud as hell. I know a lot of us in the audience are!

The Voice Episode 3

Niki Dawson versus Vicci Martinez

The Battle of Battles Video

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This post was written by Co de Naam, an Internet Alias of a Dutch PR Expert and Social Media Manager. He is a big fan of The Voice. Co de Naam is trained in public relations and marketing by the very best in the Unites States and has been trained lately in social media management as well. He also runs this website at and is the designer of the website. Co de Naam has been working for high profile clients in the USA and Europe. Some of his clients and artists that use him as a consultant appeared multiple times on shows like Oprah. If you like to get in contact with him or use him as a consultant, you can use the contact form on this website. Just make sure you do not forget to leave your email address, otherwise Mr. De Naam will not be able to answer you.

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5 Responses to “The Voice Episode 3, The Best of Battles with Vicci Martinez and Niki Dawson”

  1. John Ramos says:

    These ladies were absolutely awesome. I had never heard from Vicci Martinez or Niki Dawson but their performance was incredible indeed. Loved it. Will love it in 10 years! You are right, this was the best Battle. But they are all pretty good.

  2. Alison says:

    These two ladies were definitely the best battle of the night; two very powerful and unique voices that’s for sure. I was definitely sad to see Niki go, but I am sure we’ll be seeing in her in the near future. I was glad to catch all the episodes again on from my TV provider/employer DISH Network for free. It’s a cool website from them that brings tons of movies and TV shows to DISH subscribers, but cool thing too is that non subscribers can get in on the action of some movies and shows as well. Check it out here :)

  3. Mayko Angeles says:

    THANK YOU MAN. NIKKI WAS AWESOME! DAMN IT! I hope there’s a wildcard round.

  4. TEFLON434 says:

    WOW!!!! WOW!!! WOW!! Its all I can say!!! I’m with Blake & would’ve said NOTHING….. Wow CeeLo, You’re a very STRONG dude…. Sorry to everyone else but the show is over for me. These 2 killed it!!!!!

    When you have to pick 1 you jus gotta pick… Vicci did WIN it for me too…. Maybe it was the WAR DANCE & jus that lil something that threw it over the top for me, but I watched it over & over to really pick someone.

    When the show is over & Vicci wins it all, she should pick up the phone call Niki & they should CONQUER THE WORLD!!!!!

    O M G!!!!

  5. Merrick says:

    I have to agree with Christina Nikki won the battle and I am disappointed in Ce-Lo It should be about the voice and not the looks

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