The Voice Finalists 2012

The Voice Finalists 2012

The Voice Finalists

Juliet Simms, Chris Mann, Tony Lucca and Jermaine Paul

Yes, it was an emotional evening where The Voice Finalists 2012 were announced by Carson Daly but with no big surprises really. However some decisions were close. Further we saw loads of tears from Lindsey Pavao and Juliet Simms. While for Juliet Simms it were tears of disbelief probably and of pure joy, favorite Lindsey Pavao had to leave the show because America decided Chris Mann was the one they want to see back in the finals.

The Voice Finalist 2012 Juliet Simms in tears

The Voice Finalist 2012 Juliet Simms in tears

As I mentioned, no big surprises, although maybe the biggest surprise was the fact that coach Cee Lo Green gave only 40 of his 100 points to Jamar Rogers, who I started to really like during the show. What a voice! However, Juliet proved to her coach yesterday that Juliet is one of the favorites for this year’s title. And who knows, maybe the gods are with her. Last year the only guy in the final won (Javier Colon) and this year she is the only female vocalist in the final. So who knows.

Juliet will have to deal with Tony Lucca, Jermaine Paul and Chris Mann though, of which Tony makes a very solid impression. His stage performance is like the one you expect from a star. And although Chris and Jermaine are rock solid performers, I think from the guys, Tony will be the one that is going to be in the last two together with Juliet. She showed something that got Beverly McClellan to the finals last year: passion and drive on stage. Well, next week we’ll know… For now, enjoy the show and videos below.

The Voice Finalists 2012 Full Video

If you are not in the USA, you can watch the videos below.

The Voice Finalist Team Cee Lo

The Voice Finalist Team Xtina

The Voice Finalist Team Adam

The Voice Finalist Team Blake

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  1. Carmen says:

    Tony? Really? The guy only made it because Adam gave him 20 extra points and “his stage performance is like the one you expect from a star”? Sure if you are talking about Tarzan’s co-star. He looked like a monkey jumping up and down. Of all the performances his was the worse by far. All he had going for him was that he was in the Mickey Mouse Club and managed to be one of the few to not make a career out of it because, as he said, he liked small clubs better. Yep, and I have a bridge I can sell you.

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